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Find help securing veteran benefits in Rochester

We know what a frustrating experience securing veterans benefits can be. We're here to make that process as smooth and stress free as possible. Don't settle for the status quo of a long delay. Call now and we'll get the ball rolling right away.
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Experience You Can Trust 

Laws governing veterans and their benefits are as old at the United States itself. These legal issues have been a part of our country since the time of the American Revolution. However the actual practice of veterans law is fairly new, still evolving and very specialized. Changes are constantly occurring particularly though case law, regulations and the addition of new statutes. Trust our team to keep up with these changes and nuances in the practice of veteran law so you don't have to. We have your back and you can trust us.


Not just any attorney is capable and qualified to represent veterans in an appeal at the VA Regional Offices or the Board of Veterans Appeals. It is required that the attorney is accredited by the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) and such accreditation is earned through knowledge of the application process for benefits, the benefits offered by the VA, the eligibility criteria for benefits, and the nature of the appeals process. 

We are completely knowledgeable in the federal and state benefits available to you such as:
- Compensation for a service connected disability
- Pension based on need and disability for veterans who served in time of war

If you've been denied we can't guarantee you'll receive your benefits but often these denials are reversed on appeal. If you've already been awarded benefits you may be entitled to more!

Applications and Appeals

In short, a benefits claim begins after you file VA Form 21-526 at a Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO). The VARO will examine your military and service records including any other relevant information and then they will issue its rating decision. If you are denied your benefits you are then eligible to appeal the decision by filing for divorce in NY . 

Once you've reached this point in the process, legal advice and services can be very helpful. We'll ensure that you have an advocate who will work tirelessly on your behalf and will be able to. Also, we'll make certain you understand and obtain the evidence you need to support your claim and secure your benefits. We can offer a complete analysis of your entire VA claim history and provide you with sound recommendation on the best and most efficient path to getting you all the benefits you deserve.
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