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William Graham

About Us

Rochester's best in legal advice and veteran legal services

Are you or a family member a veteran in need of legal help? Not sure where to turn? Stuck in the red tape of veterans benefits? Let us help. We have the experience and knowledge to cut through all the bureaucracy and get the benefits you've earned. Your wait will soon be over- just call us!
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The Law Office of William T. Graham, Esq. specializes in offering legal representation for veterans and their family members especially regarding federal veterans' disability benefits. We represent clients throughout the Great Rochester, New York area who have been denied disability benefits by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We know how to maneuver through this system and will put you in the best position possible to secure your benefits. 

Our History

We established our law offices in September 2009 with the purpose of providing affordable, high-quality legal representation to veterans and their families with a specialization in veteran benefits and related issues in the field of veterans law. We assure you that we have the experience and knowledge to represent veterans and their family members whether you have appeals at the Veterans Administration Regional Offices (VARO) or at the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA). We're also accredited by the United States Veterans Administration along with being a member of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA) Let us use our experience to help you!

Individual Attention

We understand that every individual's situation is different and we are especially sensitive to the fact that some veterans may have difficulty getting to or visiting a law office. Upon request we're happy to meet with veterans and their families at a location convenient to you. We'll always do everything we can to come to you on your terms. You don't have to feel overwhelmed or worried- we're here to help you. 
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